Our Vision

As a startup company, we are quite ambitious and determined to make MGC Group one of the best firms in the world.

We currently provide services for government consulting, commercial exhibition, business negotiation, professional training, personalized travel, educational programs, professional education consulting and global leadership camp. We target to expand our service to cover all of the United States. We are also planning to expend our services to SINO-U.S investment consulting.

Since being founded, MGC Group has earned universal respects from its clients and partners, and our next step is to reach out to more prospects, enhance our portfolio, and build a linkage between our current services and our future services. With this goal achieved, we would be able to provide our clients a comprehensive and unique experience.

With the expansion of our business, MGC Group will strive to become an independent and global connected firm. And we have the ability to solve complex problems and provide pragmatic solutions for our clients.  We will leave our footprint worldwide.

MGC International